The universe, our earth, and our communities are all wellsprings of amazing potential. 

Generative community supports communities so that potential may be manifested.

How can we nurture our communities?


Building deep and authentic relationships within a community.



Taking the next steps toward the vision of a preferred future.


Discovering shared values and identities.


Building cumulative knowledge about the community.


Uncovering the emerging future of the community.

The foundation of things is not so much a ground of being sustaining its existence from beneath as it is a power of attraction toward what lies ahead.

Sister Ilia Delio

Recent Work

Here are a few of the ideas and visions we have been working on recently.

Homing In On A Process Of Change, And A Group Identity

Homing in on a Process of Change, and a Group Identity

A conversation between Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Chuck Peters, Peter Pula, and Nathan Senge, from September the 2nd,…

Effective Convening

Effective convening

One core dynamic we find in almost all generative communities is an interplay between convening and narrating. Convening…

Narrating For Generative Community

Narrating for generative community

Convening brings us together in body. Narrating brings us together in spirit.   Convening and narrating are the…

We are actively building community around this work.

If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch.