Our students should be able to deeply sense their environment and respond constructively to what is needed now. This fundamental shift in purpose is well described in the RSA policy statement- The Power to Create.

Creativity, imagination and character are non-linear processes, going beyond the constraints of language and old-school teaching methods. They belong to the realm of action, but action that requires a fresh, spontaneous mindset.

Every moment of every day of development is the process of our character unfolding – making mistakes, recognizing our mistakes, re-assembling ourselves, and moving forward again. We need to be giving of our optimal selves in as many moments as possible.

We need to acknowledge the complexity of the learning and teaching process, coupled with the complexity of teaching under the current ‘fear/ego-based’ way of thinking. Teaching is a front-line job which requires a deep level of empathy and compassion.

We have the power to create what we intend the education system to be. We recently observed a transformation of a school (Saint George’s Primary School, North Battersea, London), creating a thriving environment against all circumstantial odds. A core attribute to their radical transformation was a “no-excuses” culture, starting with leadership assuming full responsibility.

Imagine what a school system might be with a love-based, growth-mindset infused into all activities of an ordinary day.

Let children see life as the process it is, and that each of us has a choice to participate in that process with a joyful or fearful attitude. Let’s develop children interested in the process of being alive, curious, self-aware, participating, engaged beings.

Sense-able and response-able…

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